• Group for European Integration

    The Group for European Integration (GIE) is an NGO created in 2002, located in Pitesti (South of Romania, 120 kilometres from Bucharest). It aims to contribute to EU integration through educational, professional training and cultural activities. GIE has 14 full-time and part-time employees and implements a large spectrum of activities: LLL and VET theoretical & field research, analysis, data processing, comparative studies, development of LLL and VET strategies & methodologies. GIE’s activities also focus on curriculum design, educational materials development, didactic evaluation, process assessment, elaboration of dissemination materials. GIE has accredited, through National Authority for Qualifications, a series of professional courses and became a training provider known within the Arges region.

    GIE is a founding member of TANDEM Plus transnational network, a group of 21 organizations from 11 countries, that is building new ways of action for implementing policies on social inclusion and fights against poverty.

    GIE participated in EU projects (www.gie.ro), under the programmes PHARE, Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+, Justice, Structural Funds. GIE has experience in working with a variety of target groups (youth, elderly, women, migrants, unemployed, disabled, Roma ethnics) to whom it provide services for education & training, health & care, financial support, social integration, communication, integration on the labour market.

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  • Louth Meath Education and Training Board - LMETB

    The Irish Education and Training Boards Act 2013 provided for the establishment of 16 new education and training boards to replace the existing 33 VECs. On July 1st 2013, Co Louth VEC and Co. Meath VEC merged to form Louth & Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB).The main services provided by LMETB fall broadly within three categories: schools and colleges; education and training programmes and other services. As the principal state education authority in Counties Louth and Meath, LMETB is hugely committed to provide education for all ages of learners throughout the two counties. LMETB manages 18 Post Primary schools and one Primary school and is also responsible for an extensive range of Adult Services throughout both counties, including Adult Learning Services, Community Education, Back to Education Initiative, VTOS and Adult Guidance. There are 8 Youthreach centres spread across the two counties. Since July 1st 2014 Dundalk Regional Skills & Training Centre is under the governance of LMETB, having been transferred from SOLAS on that date. LMETB is patron to 6 Community Schools. LMETB has extensive experience of coordinating and participating in numerous EU and nationally funded projects addressing the needs of students.

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  • University of Pitesti

    University of Pitesti (UPIT) is a state university situated in the South of Romania, in the Arges County (120 kilometers from Bucharest). UPIT has around 10,000 students and provides educational, training and research services, being an academic community accredited by national and international quality agencies. The areas in which the university is active are: education & training; scientific & applicative research; guidance & counseling; professional orientation; international cooperation in different fields; publishing activities. University of Pitesti has about 800 staffs (academic and non-academic personnel). Currently is composed of 11 faculties providing Bachelor, Master and PhD study programmes (www.upit.ro). Beside faculties and their departments, UPIT has also specialized units (Research Institute, Business and Technological Transfer Incubator, Institute for Training and Performance, Center for International Cooperation). UPIT previously participated and continues to be currently involved in a large number of transnational researches, mobility or strategic partnership projects (www.cppdd.ro). UPIT represents a strong educational factor for the SMEs in the region, which usually search its support in solving their economical, technological or managing problems. UPIT has also developed a collaborative network of partners which interconnects the university with the main employers and the local economic agents in the region.

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    CARDET is the leading centre for training and development in Cyprus, with partners around the world. The centre’s mission is to inspire next generation education, and promote research, innovation and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered people. CARDET brings together an international team of passionate professionals with global expertise in literacies, reading promotion, vocational and adult training, e-learning, and evaluation. CARDET has been advising organisations and Ministries in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Members of the CARDET team have successfully participated in more than 100 projects in over 30 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations, Microsoft, and governments and agencies from around the world. The Management Team is supported by 10 members of the board/advisory board who are all international veterans in education, research, and evaluation. CARDET currently employs 30 full and part-time staff. The majority of team members hold graduate degrees (Masters and/or PhD) in areas like literacies, education, research, multimedia development, inclusive education and evaluation. CARDET follows a systemic and systematic process in thoroughly planning and executing projects and is ISO 9001 Certified for Quality in Management, Research and Education.

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  • University of the Peloponnese / Department of Social and Education Policy

    The University of the Peloponnese was founded in 2000. The seat of the University is in Tripolis, Peloponnese. The Department of Social and Education Policy was established in 2003 and belongs to the School of Social and Political Sciences, based in Corinth, Greece. Its prime mission is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of social and education policy through academic teaching, and applied research. The Department offers undergraduate programs that reflect the Staff’s commitment to students’ development, aiming to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications that will enable them to successfully seek professional careers, as well as to provide them with appropriate qualifications for postgraduate studies and research.

    Furthermore the Department is dynamically involved (either as a leader or as a partner) in a considerable number of national and international R&D projects through which it has cooperated with many international organizations (e.g. EU, OECD, World Bank) as well as academic and research institutions around Europe. A significant part of these projects is related to evaluation of educational initiatives and programmes. Besides, members of the academic staff have extensive experience in applied education policy and evaluation as members of international panels of experts (OECD, E.U, Greek government, Portuguese government, World Bank, etc).

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  • University of Lodz

    University of Lodz is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Poland. It was established in 1945 as a successor of educational institutions active in Lodz in earlier times. The 13 faculties of the University provide programmes in 75 fields of study and 196 specializations. In addition, the University offers doctoral programmes, more than 100 postgraduate curricula including an MBA programme, and programmes financed by the ESF. The 40,000 students that attend classes at different faculties of the University are taught by 2,280 academic teachers, 579 of whom bear the highest academic rank. The University treats international cooperation as a way to foster its development and continue the city’s tradition. The University is repeatedly ranked among the top higher education institutions in Poland, and it especially excels in such fields of study as management, law, and economics. UL is one of only four Polish Universities which gained a place in the QS World University Rankings. International relations of the University are visible in various areas. Currently, within direct cooperation agreements, the school cooperates with 190 partner institutions from all over the world. Within the Erasmus Programme, the University has so far signed 600 agreements with 300 partner institutions. These institutions give our students, whether local or foreign, the possibility of spending a semester, or a year, abroad, and, in return, we welcome many guests from abroad spending a period of their studies in Lodz.

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    INNOVADE is an SME based in Cyprus, with a team of professionals with several years of experience in strategic visioning, business development, social entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and academic industries. Its project experiences and academic influences span the globe. Its goal is to assist clients to define and attain their Strategic Goals and achieve their operational objectives by providing unparallel level of expert support.

    InnovADE works with organizations to help them streamline technological advancements and productivity tools into their processes to ensure that they improve performance, and increase their productivity and profitability. The InnovADE team has a positive outlook in formulating and solving problems, a passion and the commitment to clients, and its expertise, experience, and knowledge are the driving forces behind its business philosophy. The combination of these values is what differentiates InnovADE from the multitude of other organizations.

    InnovADE is specializing in various solutions, based on its strategic direction and supported by resident expertise. Some of the areas of strength are: ICT integration, Innovation Infusion, Strategic Development, Project Management, Expert Opinion Services, Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation.

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