About the Project

The aim of the project is to address the challenge of engagement in science through an innovative approach to science teaching and learning and make learning science Fun and Relevant to students’ contexts. The project aims to increase pupils’ motivation and achievement in science and other subjects and to prepare European educators to better engage pupils in science education.

This project proposes that an approach to enhancing student interest for science can be conceptualized through the design of science curriculum materials that focus on making learning science fun, by supporting personalized, meaningful, situated, and contextual learning.

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This is one of the most important products of the SciFun project. The final toolkit will be ready by the end of the project (M24) and will be freely available online through project website.

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As part of the SciFUN project, we will develop an eLearning environment where users will be able to find course information and material, participate in learning activities, and use assessment tools to evaluate their performance.

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